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1) Register with your information.


2) Email Verification: We will send you an email with a link to verified your email address. Please check your email inbox.


3) Welcome email: After you have verified your email address, we will send you a Welcome email with the link to your listing. Click the link to see your profile.


4) Payment: Standard Escort ads cost $4.95 p/m, also you can upgrade to Premium for $9.95 p/m or Featured for $14.95 p/m.


5) Manage your profile: After payment, you will have access to change your Account options, including Manage your pictures, Edit your Profile, become 100% verified, Change password, etc.




We strongly recommend to use good quality picture, not  cellphone ones. If we belied your pictures are not according to our standards, Escort Me will remove your profile until you provide with good quality photographs.


This is important for you:

Escort Me website is self managed once you sign up and add your listing. You can login and change your information/ location, images and prices as often as you please- you can also delete your account sending us and email. This allows girls complete freedom over their listings-  our system is smart, self managed and best of all – much better value for you!

Quality not quantity: Escort Me reserves the right to decline any application to list on our website- your Listing must be approved before it will be shown. This will usually take  less than 24 hrs. Please try to provide “SEXY” photos to help your application. 80% of your application is based on the photos you submit. It is this website’s objective to be “Sexy” and thus we primarily seek girls and photos that fit that description in a general sense (our decision is final).

To became a “verified” escort, send us by email a picture of you holding in your hands a sign saying “escort me”. The picture can be taken by you, and it must show your face. This is ONLY to verified your profile, and will NO be posted on your profile listing

 You can also email us your listing info (pics/contact/description/rates) and if approved, we will add it for you within 24-48 hours. Please send emails  

Banner Advertising:

Please Contact Us to discuss any display/ banner/ or link advertising requirements.


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